La qualité suisse pour votre bébé

Confort garanti

Design original de Suisse
Produit avec soin

Convient à tout type de pieds.

Rose & Chocolat Les chaussures Rose & Chocolat sont entièrement réalisées à partir de cuir vachette pleine fleur. Nous offrons à votre enfant le confort dont il a besoin.

For several years now, thousands of mommies trusted us with their children’s shoes.

Naturel leather has many advantages:

  • Brings suppleness to baby’s movements
  • Reduces sweat naturally
  • Limits bad odours
  • Acts as a natural antibacterial

Right after bare feet, leather slippers, such as Rose & Chocolat’s ClassicZ Collection, are considered by specialists as the best ally to help babies learn to walk.

Tested in a Swiss laboratory, our shoes have outstanding results in regards to the European Norms of Chromium 6 Rates in Leather Shoesassuring the best for your baby’s feet.

With our leather soft soles, the sensations are very similar to bare feet, and our slippers are therefore a effective alternative for tiny feet, hungry for adventures.